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Left and right swing feeder round blanking production line

1.Production Line Features

Circle zigzag blanking line widely used in kitchen ware and air or oil filter industries punching stainless steel or cold-rolled steel circles.

With very low waste material and production efficiency.

Generally the complete line consists of : uncoiler (decoiler)+ straightener (leveler) + Zigzag NC servo feeder machine + high performance deep throat press machine + circle stamping mold + circle feeding belt + circle stacker + scrap recoiler/ cutter.

Also the line can be customized as your requirements.


2.Production Process

Sheet metal coil - Uncoiler - Straightener - Feeder - Press machine - Mold - Product

3.Finished Product

Deflection servo feeder

4.Details of Machine

Deflection servo feeder

Double Head Motorized Uncoiler: Save the material changing time,improve production efficiency.

NCF Series Zig-Zag Moving Feeder: High efficiency & precision

Automatic Motroises Uncoiler Machine: Simple and compact

5.Suitable Materials

Steel, iron, aluminum and so on



Large-scale circle zigzag blanking production line: