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TGL-H Type Straightener Cum Decoiler For Sheet Thickness: 0.6mm~6.0mm

Uncoiler/sraightener machine

Save space

High precision


Straightener Cum Decoiler

Description :


The 2 in 1 Uncoiler & Straightener saves space and increases productivity.

Straightener can be opened to clean rollers.

Straightening & thickness adjustment by 4 worm gear micro adjusters suitable for high processing requirements with 0.1mm advance reference indicator.

Roller material uses bearing steel, high frequency thermal treatment to hardness HRC60, hard-chrome plated and ground finished.

High rigid mechanical design, sturdy construction, and high power output to secure proper straightening and feeding during high speed processing to increase production efficiency.

Optional Coil Car automatically prepares coil to increase efficiency and productivity.

Japanese design and quality.

Specification :


Standard Feature :

Feed and work rolls with hard chrome plated treatment

Outgoing centenary to assist and support the material

Pneumatic hold down arm device

Uncoiler with 2 sets photo sensor control

Straightener with inverter control

Reference indicator adjuster

Uncoiler with air disc brake device

A frame type coil retaining arm

Hand-wheel-adjusted coil width guides at straightener inlet side

Hand-set coil width guides at outlet side