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Daily maintenance manual for open type three-in-one feeder.

06. 18, 2020

Triad open type feeder is 0.6 6.0 mm thick plate plate open-book leveling precision feed and high tension plate open-book leveling feed research and development production of special models, leveling machine, by can lift type on the nose type, convenient and leveling feeding roller clean thoroughly, simplifies the responsible for counting and maintenance of the machine at the same time, is used to require high degree of surface plate plate, high tension plate stamping production best automation equipment.The operation of the whole machine is concentrated on the independent control panel, and the adjustment of leveling feeding is assisted by four worm wheel and worm elevator. The dial indicator is referred to to make the adjustment more convenient, and the leveling feeding accuracy is higher and more stable!

three-in-one feeder

In order to maintain the long-term use effect of the upside-down three-in-one feeder, certain maintenance is necessary. Customers should carefully do daily, weekly and monthly maintenance.

I. Daily inspection and maintenance items

1. Whether the start-up trial operation is normal, listen carefully to see if there is abnormal sound in the operation of the overturned three-in-one feeder (if there is abnormal sound, the cause of the abnormal sound should be found and solved; if not, please contact the professional staff of Youyi Precision for maintenance).

2. Check whether the pressure of the external air source is stable. If the air source is unstable, the tipping three-in-one feeder will cause the pulling material to slip, which will affect the material leveling accuracy and surface finish.

3. Check if there is no bruising or indentation on the surface after material leveling and feeding. If there is, please timely clean the roller.

4. Check whether there is butter on the gear surface from the transparent window of the head of the overturned three-in-one feeder. If not, please add it in time to prevent the gear from wearing out too fast.

5. Check and confirm that the power is off and the air source is off before going off duty.If there is aluminum dust and dust accumulated on the surface of the open three-in-one feeder, please wipe it clean in time.

Check the maintenance items every week

1. Turn off the power, remove the cover of the upturned three-in-one feeder, check whether the chain surface is worn, whether the butter is enough, check whether the gear surface is worn, and add butter to the chain and gear surface again.

2, check the surface of the drum, whether there is garbage, drum surface is worn.Timely clean up or contact yuyi professional to replace the drum.

3. Turn off the air source, turn the material rack, and check the rotation of the material rack.

4. Check whether the hydraulic oil in the oil tank of the hydraulic system is enough. If it is below the warning line, please add the hydraulic oil to the position above the warning line.

5. Check the oil cylinder and hydraulic parts of the overturned three-in-one feeder for oil leakage. If there is any oil leakage, please deal with it timely.

Inspect and maintain the items every month

1. Check the material rack and level the reducer lubricating oil in the rear cover of the feeder body to see if it is below the warning line to ensure that the reducer lubricating oil is sufficient.

2. Open the oil tank cover of the hydraulic system to check whether there will be sediment in the hydraulic oil or whether the hydraulic oil becomes very thick. Please replace the hydraulic oil if necessary.

3. Check the motor. After running for a period of time, check whether the motor surface temperature of the uncovered three-in-one feeder is too high.(The temperature is normal within 70 degrees)

4. Check whether the relay, contortor, frequency converter and other electrical components in the electrical box of the uncovered three-in-one feeder are loose and black burning. If there is accumulated dust on the surface, please clean it in time and fix the line.

Inspect and maintain items every year

1. Check the whole machine of the overturned three-in-one feeder. Check each item according to the first three items.

2. Check the leveling cylinder for good surface, wear and normal operation.

3. Change the reducer lubricating oil, check whether there is any precipitate in the reducer lubricating oil, whether it is thickened and whether the color is black. If there are several phenomena, please change the lubricating oil.

4. Replace the hydraulic oil and check whether there will be sediment in the hydraulic oil or whether the hydraulic oil becomes very thick. If so, please replace the hydraulic oil.

Importantly, if the upturned three-in-one feeder is not used for a long time, please cover the surface of the roller with butter to prevent rust.The above is the maintenance manual of the open-type three-in-one feeder. If you have any problems in the process of using the feeder, you can contact Yuyi Precision Automation and we will arrange professional engineers to help you solve them.