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How to achieve automated production of punch.

06. 20, 2020

In the stamping industry, there are many types of punching machines. With the increased awareness of automated production, many companies have adopted automated production lines for production to improve production efficiency and create benefits. But how is the automated stamping line realized?

In order to realize stamping automation production line, the company needs to have matching punch production facilities, which include three basic equipment: uncoiler, leveller and feeder (leveller can be subtracted without leveling demand, and rewinder can be equipped if rewinding is needed).The cooperation between the various devices can achieve the purpose of automated production, so what role does each device play in the production line?


The uncoiler, also known as the discharging rack, the loading rack and the winder, is a feeding device for unwinding the coil material to the subsequent machine for stamping.It has many advantages such as many styles, small floor space, large carrying capacity and wide application range.It can be used not only for unwinding, but also for winding.What’s more,it can be customized according to the weight requirements of customers' rolls.Therefore,it is an essential equipment in the press line.


The straightener, also known as the leveling machine, the straightening machine, and the leveller, is a device for removing the stress inside the material and leveling the surface of the material.The straightening machine can achieve the purpose of leveling by pressing two sets of leveling drums arranged in dislocation.There are many types such as thin plate, medium plate and precision to adapt to the flattening of materials with different widths and thicknesses.The flattened material has good flatness and no indentation on the surface of the material.

NC servo feeder

The feeder with multi-series, multi-type,is a conveying device that accurately feeds the material to the punch for stamping. At present, NC servo feeder is more common. It is easy to operate and can complete a batch of stamping production only by inputting feeding parameters into the control panel. It also has high stability and can set multi-stage feeding function.

Uncoiler, leveller, feeder and punch can form an automatic stamping production line ,which is a split equipment. If you need to save land, you can choose Lihao uncoiler&straightener 2 in 1 with NC servo feeder, or you can choose uncoiler&straightener&feeder 3 in 1 with punch, which further reduces the area of equipment and costs.

As a manufacturer of peripheral equipment for punching machines, Lihao has been continuously optimizing existing equipment,introducing new equipment and perfecting the company mechanism in recent years. These are only for providing better products to enterprises, allowing enterprises to have more customers and create more benefits. 
We also thank you for your support and we will do our best to meet your needs.