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How to adjust the positioning error of nc turret punch press.

07. 22, 2020

CNC turret punch press plays a very important role in our life, so do you know how to adjust the positioning error of CNC turret punch press?The following is a detailed introduction:

CNC turreted punch is widely used in various plate processing industries, such as high and low voltage power switch complete sets of equipment, communications electronics, computers, elevators, air conditioners, kitchen utensils, building curtain decoration, hardware furniture, electrical control box, machinery cover processing and other industries.

CNC turret punch machine can automatically complete a variety of complex pass and shallow drawing forming processing.Through the automatic programming, the X and Y directions and precise positioning of the plate can be carried out, the mold in the rotary plate mold library can be automatically selected, and the holes of different shapes with different sizes and hole distances can be processed automatically according to the requirements.Because the machining precision of different plates is different, we must take into account the positioning error that occasionally occurs while ensuring the efficiency.

Now let's analyze the causes of positioning errors of CNC turret punch press:

The positioning errors of the working table driven by the power stepping motor through the lead screw are mainly as follows:

(1) The error caused by the lead screw drive in the direction of x and Y coordinates of the workbench changes nonlinearly with the displacement.This error is relatively stable in a certain period of time, but it will change with the increase of the time the system is put into use and the wear of the transmission pair.

(2) Reverse clearance error caused by lead screw;

(3) Errors caused by non-vertical guide of x and Y axes;

(4) Errors caused by out-of-step and overthrust of power stepping motor.

The reasons that cause the stepping motor of CNC turret punch to lose step and overshoot are: overload, improper movement of lifting speed in the process of starting and stopping, and small static locked current value.When the stepping motor is selected, the load torque of the CNC turbo punch press system should not exceed the characteristic line of the moment frequency of the stepping motor, and a certain margin should be left. At the same time, appropriate frequency rise and fall rules, curves and static locking current should be selected, so that the stepping motor rarely appears out of step and overshoot.Therefore, we only analyze and adjust the positioning errors of the first three items.