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The solution to the problem of material deviation of NC feeder.

04. 15, 2020

The NC feeder of Lihao Machine adopts well-known first-line brands such as Yaskawa Servo Motor and Mitsubishi PLC, which makes the feeder stable, accurate and low failure rate.Compared with other competing products, more customers in the stamping industry will choose the NC feeder of Lihao Machinery for stamping.  

The solution to the problem of material deviation of NC feeder.

The installation and commissioning of the NC feeder is relatively simple and convenient, because there are not too many complicated steps, even if it is the first installation, it does not take a lot of time.

However, after installation, if the debugging is not correct or there is a problem with the material, the feeder will inevitably have a situation of inaccurate feeding and material deviation. The more common problem is that the material slips during the conveying process. In this case, it should be solved according to the method in the manual: 

1.Material quality problems lead to deviation. The quality of the material should be checked first to see if the material is uneven, bending, uneven thickness, and excessive edge.Replace the qualified coil if it exists. 

2. Pressure of feeding wheel of feeder is insufficient. Please adjust the spring of the pressing material and increase pressure , but it is necessary to ensure that the left and right pressing forces are the same.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the spring has a compressive material (the standard is that the material can not be pulled by hand).

3. NC feeder has errors in fixed direction.

①Please check whether the coil width and the position of the die guide plate are appropriate.

②Please check whether the die and the feeder are in a straight line.

③Please check whether the car baffle plate and the supporting plate have rough edges or foreign bodies. 

4. NC feeder is not suitable for material adjustment.

①Please check whether the speed matching between leveler and NC feeder or the distance between leveler and NC is appropriate.

②Please check whether the radian and height of the material meet the requirements.

③Please check whether the punch speed is appropriate.

5. The feeder suddenly appears error.The transmission gap between the roller and the servo motor is too large. Please tighten the belt first, and then check whether the length, width and thickness of the coil are standard.

6. The feeder is not relaxed properly. First check whether the positioning guide pin in the die is not working well, whether the relaxation time is incorrect and whether the eccentric shaft and the relaxation shaft are oil-lost and stuck, and then deal with it according to the actual situation.