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Why use deflection feeder

04. 12, 2020

Zigzag feeder is a feeder that feeding material by moving left and right to save the material.So when would you use a yaw feeder?Let’s know  more details about the zigzag feeder, it is with servo feeder and two motors which controlled by PLC.The difference between zigzag feeder and servo feeder is that the zigzag feeder’s feeding head can move left and right.Therefore, it is generally used in processing circular materials or special shape stamping parts.

Today the press can be installed with a lot of feeding equipment, but the general use of automatic feeder, servo feeder,three - in - one feeder can only feed in one direction. For circular material punching, because the width of the materials used must be larger than the diameter of the circular products, the remaining edge materials (single row of porous) after stamping out the circular parts have a large area and are difficult to use, and can only be used as scraps. The material utilization rate is low, resulting in a lot of waste costs. So zigzag NC servo feeder with two-way moving feeding function can maximize the use of materials. Solve the problem of material waste. 

zigzag NC servo feeder

The zigzag feeder also operates through HD digital touch screen. Besides setting the time distance of longitudinal feeding machine, parameters such as left and right moving yaw can also be programmed by themselves. By setting each circular product of blanking can be arranged in a circular and crosscutting arrangement on the material, then the utilization rate of stamping material will be greatly improved. Generally, the use of deviation pendulum CNC feeder deviation 3 times can save more than 10% material cost.

Zigzag feeder has become one of the most commonly used feeding machines in large enterprises. The reason why it can be selected by the majority of enterprises, because it is the unique left and right swing shift feeding mode, not only can reduce the scrap produced in stamping production to the minimum, but also can improve the production efficiency, at the same time improve the material utilization rate, to create higher benefits for the enterprise, especially suitable for the blanking of the wafer production line.